Breast revision surgery—also called breast implant revision or revision breast surgery—is performed to address issues pertaining to a woman’s current implants and/or overall breast appearance following previous breast surgery. These issues can be the result of post-operative complications, aging implants, changes in aesthetic preferences, the previous surgical technique used, and a variety of other factors. No matter the motivation for surgery, the goal is to restore the appearance of the breasts, often through a combination of replacing aged implants with new ones and modifying the soft tissues around the implants.

Since breast revision generally requires more surgical precision and skill than primary augmentation, selecting a physician who has considerable experience and proven results in this secondary treatment is critical. Having performed numerous breast revisions in over 15 years of practice, board-certified plastic surgeon Brian J. Miller, MD has the experience to create an effective surgical plan that helps you achieve your desired breast appearance.

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What Are Some Common Reasons for Breast Revision?

Many patients seek revision breast surgery because a previous breast augmentation no longer looks or feels the way they want. Implants may become hard and misshapen over time, while natural age-related changes cause the breast to sag and droop so that it no longer sits in line with the implant but hangs below. While the exact motivation for pursuing breast revision is unique to every woman, some of the most common reasons include a need or desire to:

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How Is the Breast Revision Procedure Performed?

To perform breast revision surgery, Dr. Miller will generally remove the current implants and scar capsules through the same incision utilized for the original breast augmentation. If the implants are to be replaced, the new implants are carefully inserted and situated in an optimal position, which may necessitate the creation of a new pocket if breast shape or asymmetry from the initial procedure is an issue. A breast lift and/or breast reduction may also be performed at the same time to create the best breast aesthetic possible. Depending on the specifics of treatment, breast revision typically takes two to four hours to complete, and patients can usually return home the same day with the help of a friend or loved one.

What Is Breast Revision Recovery Like?

Recovery from breast revision is often similar to that of breast augmentation. Some degree of swelling and bruising can be expected initially, but these side effects are temporary and should resolve on their own. Any potential discomfort can typically be controlled with medication, and most women feel well enough to resume office work and/or other non-strenuous daily routines within one to two weeks. In order to aid healing and limit the possibility of complications, all vigorous exercise, heavy lifting, and intense physical activity will generally need to be avoided for a minimum of four weeks, following which, patients can begin a gradual return to normal activities.